15 Visits and it only gets better

by: SalesLegend - Tallahassee, FL

Den Laman has always been a good place to stay. Large comfortable rooms, wireless internet, TV, and with a good dive shop, BDA. With this stay we saw some significant additional improvements.

The rooms were always clean but we noticed a little extra attention to detail.

Each apartment has its own internet access which is more secure and fast enough to stream Netflix.

There were a minimum of dishware on previous trips – four of everything which meant washing dishing if you ate breakfast and dinner in. Now there are more then enough with 8 complete settings. Also, finally large drinking classes. We always brought our own and did not need them this trip.
if there is one complaint about the dinnerware it is the coffee cups which are espresso sized. As Starbucks crazed, Venti Americans we had to go out and buy our own coffee mugs. A small price to pay for sitting on the patio feeling the cool morning breeze while downing a pint of coffee.

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